photo credit: Liza Gershman Photography   

photo credit: Liza Gershman Photography


San Francisco-based designer Heather Bryce of Heather Bryce Designs (HBD) celebrates her long time passion for design and textiles with the debut of her first collection of decorative accent pillows.

Inspired by her travels and favorite designers, Heather explores her own sense of style in textiles, altering their aesthetic and offering something new and recognizably unique.  Colorful and tasteful, these unique pillows are Heather's own designs, but created from designer textiles.  

"I'm constantly inspired by the way pillows transform and rejuvenate a space. I distinctly remember my first apartment and my enthusiasm to inject into it style, color, and texture.  Pillows are far less expensive than new furniture, and practically commitment-free, and they are an easy way to make a room feel decorated.  To me, pillows are personal; much like selecting a piece of jewelry or an article of clothing, they give a room character and reflect an individual's own sense-of-style.  I find it rewarding creating pieces that will enhance a home or a special place and honor an individual's self-expression."

Heather's signature trademark is her use of unexpected and contrasting elements. "I've always been drawn to colors, textures and the use of textiles. I enjoy finding new interpretations for each design, often selecting a contrasting back, and unexpected trims or welt to offset the designer fabrics."

Sophisticated and timeless, the custom-made accent pillows are Heather's own unique creations available only in limited quantities and designs.